Dec 21, 2020 – Final ADEON Program Blog

Jennifer Miksis-Olds

Today not only marks the end of Cruise AR049 but the end of the field component of the entire ADEON program.  We will be offloading our gear and saying our ADEON goodbyes for the last time.  On behalf of all the science party, I would like to thank the Captain and crew of the R/V Armstrong for helping us to conduct our science in a safe and efficient manner.  Special thanks and appreciation is also extended to the ROV Jason team for helping us to recover 2 landers from the ocean floor that we would not have otherwise been able to retrieve.  I’d also like to thank all the ADEON team members, alternates, and land-based risk assessment team members from WHOI that navigated through all the challenges and new demands that COVID threw at us during cruise preparation.  It is a great relief to return to the dock with a happy healthy ship full of people looking forward to going home for the holidays.

From our ADEON family to yours, have a happy healthy holiday season.

Jen Miksis-Olds, Chief Scientist

Figure 1.  The ADEON science party and the ROV Jason team happily posing for a picture with Jason and one of the recovered ADEON landers.  Photo credit – Jennifer Miksis-Olds (UNH).


christmas sweater
Figure 2.  Grad students Hannah Blair (Stony Brook University) and Grant Milne (UNH) donning their Star Wars holiday sweaters ready for the upcoming holiday.