Hi everyone – this is Rachel Eckley again, MS student from Nova Southeastern University.


Unfortunately, we are ending our cruise a few days early due to some inclement weather in the North Atlantic and will return to port on 15 Nov. While we make our way back to port, these next few days will consist of us getting our supplies packed up, playing board games, and sharing cruise photos!


Since last night was our last night of science, night shift hoped for some exciting critters in the tows and luckily those hopes came true! We finished the cruise strong with some hefty IKMT tows consisting of some fish we had not yet seen including slime head fish, serrivomer eels, snipe eels, and large myctophidae fish. It was a busy night and early morning, but we finished processing the animals just in time for a delicious breakfast prepared by Mike Duffy and Larry James Bennett in the galley.


net pulling
Figure 1: Quintin Diou-Cass and Dr. Joe Warren pulling in the IKMT tow with Cassie Fries driving the A-frame. Photo by Rachel Eckley.


Figure 2: Fish sub-sample taken in the middle of sorting our last IKMT tow tonight. We separate the whole tow into categories including fish, squid, crustaceans, and jellies. Photo by Rachel Eckley.