The past several days have been a flurry of activity to finish recovering and deploying the final acoustic landers before the weather gets bad. After successfully deploying our last lander yesterday (!!!) and getting in some last nighttime net tows, we are now in transit back to Narragansett, RI. The weather is picking up and the seas are too. Yesterday we saw two pods of common dolphin, several bottlenose, and a couple mola mola, but today we are mostly seeing rain and waves that wash up over the portholes. I woke up around 2am when a cabinet door in our room worked its way open and started banging itself against the wall (my roommate bravely got up to latch it shut again). This morning I sat down to put on my shoe and immediately fell out of the chair. Sad to have to go in early, but glad we’re going be out of the way before the weather gets much worse.


-Amanda Lohmann