Another successful lander turnaround

Hi everyone. As you know, my primary role aboard the R/V Endeavor and ADEON cruise 3 has been to refurbish the landers and the equipment they support so they can be redeployed at the next station.

We couldn’t have had a better team. Together, we worked to replace hardware and anodes, lifting and installing new AMARs and battery packs, and the deployment and retrieval of the landers. The team’s incredible work ethic made this task both fun and efficient, so I’d like to give a shout out to the dream team and all the science party and ship’s crew for making this lander turnaround run so smoothly.


Photo by Jen Miksis-Olds. From left to right: Chloe Nunn, Carmen Lawrence, Cris Graupe, Amanda Lohmann and Kate Kouba.