This is Hali Rederer writing my last blog aboard the RV Endeavor, ADEON cruise.  We are heading back to Narragansett, Rhode Island a few days early because of stormy weather and rough seas. As this cruise winds down, I find myself reflecting on this experience and how fortunate I am to have had the opportunity to be a member of this scientific crew.  The Pacific Ocean with its highly productive upwelling nearshore, particularly within intertidal and subtidal ecosystems, have been my research focus.  This cruise exposed me to the high productivity of the deeper more open ocean.  I encountered fish and invertebrates from the nighttime trawls along with their acoustic signatures from the echo sounder surveys that I had not seen before.  A heartfelt thanks to Jennifer Miksis-Olds, Joseph Warren, fellow scientific crew members, and the ship’s crew for this unique invaluable scientific adventure.

night trawl

Figure 1: Night time trawling in deeper waters. Photograph by Hali Rederer


Figure 2: Caught fish and invertebrates in tray. Photograph by Hali Rederer