Written by Carmen Lawrence, JASCO Applied Sciences.

A true testament to being from Nova Scotia is a ceaseless ability to discuss the weather. Today, we had a lot to talk about. The day started out as a sunburn recipe, then dramatically changed gears to deliver copious amounts of rain. Then, on the horizon, we spotted an ominous sight! No less than three water spouts appeared several kilometers away! Then one began to form roughly one kilometer from us, but did not fully form (see photos below).

Ocean Water Spout Ocean Water Spout forming

Up until now, we’ve been tremendously lucky with the weather, it has been smooth sailing since we left the dock, so much so that it was even hard for a Nova Scotian to complain. However, our luck may change with a weather system heading our way this Tuesday.

Today also marked our mid-way point of the cruise! We are officially half way! We celebrated this milestone by mounting the ADEON logo sticker in the R/V Armstrong's main lab! See the photo below of Chief Scientist Joe Warren performing the honors while Kevin Heaney and Calder Robinson look on with admiration of this highly significant and meaningful moment. It was a proud day for us all!

Placing the ADEON Sticker in the Lab