Written by Carmen Lawrence, JASCO Applied Sciences

Today we began the final leg of our month long voyage. We have come full circle and are now back at our first station, Virginia Canyon. Here, we retrieved the first lander deployed and deployed an 8th lander in its place. We did this to obtain a complete set of data to analyze and see what kind of data we collected in the month since it was deployed.

Once this lander was retrieved, several instruments needed to be downloaded and installed on the last lander for redeployment, such as the echosounder and the fish tag receiver! The rest of the data will be heading back to JASCO Applied Sciences for data download and processing. This will be the process for the future ADEON deployments. We will have a spare lander to get ready to deploy before we get to each station, but then upon retrieval, we will need to swap over the previously deployed sensors for ones that have had maintenance and fresh batteries installed, one station at a time!

Overall, our last lander deployment went extremely well and was almost bitter sweet. Saying goodbye to the final station will mean the end of a long, yet extremely exciting and fun voyage!