We spent the past day and night completing the second to last site of the ADEON II cruise at Hatteras South, and transiting to our last one, the Virginia Inter-Canyon site. At each of these last three sites, were able to take some extra time to do multiple zooplankton tows, and collect more data. This includes getting to move a bit further offshore where the continental shelf drops off more, so that we can send the net even deeper down in the water column. We sent our last deep tow down to more than 1300 meters, and collected some really cool critters! As usual, we caught many interesting-looking deep sea fish, including this big guy:

Photo 1. (Photo by Sebastian Velez) This fish is called a bigscale, or a slimehead. It’s one of the bigger fish we’ve caught during the ADEON project.


But had an even bigger literally surprise in our net, in the form of a large squid!

Photo 2. Check out this squid, as long as my forearm – quite a lot larger than most of the animals we catch in our nets! In fact, we didn’t bring any sample jars big enough for it, and had to get a bit creative with preserving this guy.


We have only a few more tows to do for the ADEON II trip, and we cant wait to see what we catch next! But while waiting to arrive at the site, and for nighttime to come, weve been enjoying watching a pod of common dolphins having fun around the boat, riding our bow, and the waves.

Photo 3. A common dolphin leaping alongside the ship.