Life aboard a ship - Madison Alstede, June 21, 2018

Living on a ship is so different than anything I have ever experienced, both in a good and a bad way. The motion of the boat rocking back and forth is hard to get used to at first, but after a couple days at sea, and some motion sickness medicine, the rocking becomes almost unnoticeable. Some nights the rocking of the boat can rock you to sleep. Alone time is sparse. There are only so many spots you can hide from other people on a 180 ft boat, and it is easy to get frustrated with people you are with every waking moment.

But it can also have its perks. There is an excellent chef that provides us with three delicious meals a day. The bedrooms are always pitch black, making it easy to fall asleep after a tiring day in the heat. The opportunity of seeing dolphins, whales, and sharks makes living on a boat worthwhile. It is so cool being able to see such beautiful animals in their natural habitat. It’s also really cool seeing other boats and seeing how massive they truly are. Although living on a boat has its perks, I’m excited to be home in a couple days!

Fig 1.  A pod of common dolphins joining us on our cruise. Photo by Jen C.