Jennifer Miksis-Olds 24 June 2018

Today is a trial of patience. Looking out the portholes, we can see land, but we can’t yet step foot on it. We’ve completed our science, have begun the process of breaking down the shipboard lab, and are currently sitting offshore waiting for the tide to be right to motor up Narragansett Bay to the dock at the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography. The exciting thing this morning is that we are now in cell service range, so both the science and ship crews have been able to re-connect with family and friends. While we wait the few hours until the flood tide, we will be filling our time by backing up all data files, downloading the shipboard data, cleaning the lab, and sorting through what will remain at URI until our November 2018 cruise and what will go back home with us. Its amazing, we haven’t yet officially hit the dock concluding ADEON Cruise 2, and we are already making plans for the ADEON Cruise 3 in November. In the meantime, we have terabytes of data to keep us busy.