A successful lander station turnover – By Carmen Lawrence

We have reached the end of this stage of our fieldwork and have begun the transit home. This marks the end of a very successful lander retrieval, refurbishment, and redeployment. It was a busy turnaround – with lots of worn away anodes to replace and corroded hardware to swap out. Each lander came up looking a little rough, but by the time we got to the next station they were all cleaned up and ready for redeployment. Each piece of equipment needed fresh batteries and tests before we sent it down again for a second round. By the last station, we were working like a well-greased machine, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing crew of the R/V Endeavor. There are always challenges when working at sea, but with a supportive team, all can be overcome! This time, the landers will be deployed for another six months, but when we come back for a second refurbishment, they will be redeployed for a year!

Working on the lander. Photo by Jennifer Miksis-Olds.