Heroes help recover a “lost” bottom-lander and a year of ADEON data!

After an alert from JASCO about the newly surfaced lander, ADEON’s team worked throughout the long holiday weekend with Kerry Strom, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (https://www.whoi.edu/)  and Melissa Brennan of the M/V Alucia, (OceanX fleet (http://www.oceanx.org/) to orchestrate a rescue effort. On December 1, in concert with JASCO who provided coordinate feeds for the drifting lander, Captain Nick Inglis and the Alucia crew (http://www.oceanx.org/ship/) worked into the night to find the lander.  Near midnight one of the crew [who deserves the name Owl-Eyes] spotted the lander bobbing [without a working beacon light] in the dark waters of the Atlantic. The Alucia crew, OceanX, WHOI, JASCO, and all those involved that willingly worked together on this recovery, demonstrated a true community partnership and a dedication to rise above the call of duty in the advancement of ocean science.   Not only did this group’s actions facilitate the recovery of a valuable ocean observation asset, it also returned over a year of data in a three-year dataset, which by contract will be made available to the public in support of present and future science.
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