Today is the 4th day since departure …I believe. Since starting the night’s watch shift (6pm – 6am), it is difficult to tell when one day ends and the next begin. At least I can say I am finally used to the schedule as I’ve now managed to sleep through most of the day!

I am upset tonight. It is the first time we are in transit during our shift, resulting in a lot of down time. Normally we are already at the station by the time the sunsets, which means we are busy collecting data all day! (or in this case night… ahh, I will never get used to this).

The night’s watch has managed to keep busy with a card game called Flux and hangman. I managed to use surprise cards to extend a regular10 minute round into a seemingly endless 45 minute+ bonanza. I even managed to win a round! It’s been fun. Especially watching Brandon suffer through the never-ending game as he desperately wanted to make his way to the sweet potato fries waiting for him in the mess… muwahaha.

I am excited to get to our next station because we will be conducting a longer deep net tow. Previous deep tows have brought up really cool deep-sea fishes, bioluminescent fishes, and a bunch of krill. I can’t wait to see what we get from this deep tow!

OH! I also saw the sun today for the first time in …4 Days?

sunset at sea
Figure 1. The sun… FINALLY! Photo credits: Katelyn Castler.


By Katelyn Castler, Undergraduate student at Stony Brook University.