The time change; happens every year, yet it is always the source of a lot of confusion. Will I put my morning alarm an hour backwards or forwards? If my phone is on airplane mode, will it automatically change to the proper time? This year some of us worked through the time change at sea, so we had an additional task of noting the time change in our log so we could correct for time appropriately for future analysis.

Today will be another travel day. These days are a nice break but can sometimes seem long and to pass the time I’ll sometimes go to the ship’s gym. I don’t typically workout at a gym, but on a boat, it’s necessary. Being on such a small space for such a long time, it feels good to get some physical activity other than walking laps around the ship.

gym door
Figure 1: The entrance to the ship’s gym.


The gym is located down a ladder at the bottom of the ship, so it’s already a good warm up just to access it. The bottom of the boat is where there is the least rolling with the waves, so it makes it easier to move around without stumbling, which is especially nice if you’re lifting weights. Alternatively, the gym can get very hot but that doesn’t bother me too much. The ship makes its own fresh water using reverse osmosis, therefore, there are no shower restrictions. Nevertheless, it’s always good practice to be conscious of our water use.

gym equipment
Figure 2: The ship’s gym viewed from the entrance at the bottom of the ladder.


By: Emmanuelle Cook (Graduate student at Dalhousie University)