23 October 2019 Blog2 - Cup Art on the Night Watch!

It is night three of our cruise on the RV Armstrong! As a member of this ship’s night watch, I am writing this dark and early at 3:00 am. Fortunately, it took surprisingly little time to adjust my sleep schedule to the night shift. This is probably a good thing because we have been hard at work the last few nights with zooplankton sampling, tows, and acoustic surveys.

23 October 2019 Blog1 - Spilling the Tea!

Living on a floating vessel means the ground is always shifting with the waves and what was once unmoving on land is now continuously trying to throw you off balance, especially in bad weather. What used to be some of the easiest tasks, like walking in a straight line, getting dressed or enjoying a hot cup of tea, now has a new level of complexity.
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