25 October 2019 Blog1 - An Interspecies Sea Race!

At 16:07 yesterday, we were leaned over the bow to watch a dozen bottlenose dolphins leap through the waves. They jumped and splashed around as they rode our bow, and I felt as if we were engaged in an interspecies race. We stand watch for marine mammals all day when we’re on station, and these dolphins have certainly been the star of the show. Meanwhile, we’ve been pulling up some other cool animals in unexpected places.

25 October 2019 Blog1 - Jake's Excellent Adventure!

I’m Jake, a masters student from Nova South Eastern University’s Halmos College of Natural Science and Oceanography. I am studying ichthyology in the Ocean Ecology Laboratory run by Dr. Tracey Sutton. As a member of Dr. Sutton’s lab, I get to work on projects like DEEPEND (http://www.deependconsortium.org/) and DEEP SEARCH (https://www.nopp.org/projects/deep-search/), a collaborative project with UNH and the ADEON project.
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