2 November 2019 Blog2 - Shrunken Cups and Beautiful Paintings.

Wendy Klemperer, Artist in Residence on the R/V Neil Armstrong ADEON Research Cruise, AR040 has been painting portraits of the crew, seascapes, and attempting some deep sea creatures, based on Chief Scientist Joe Warren’s photos. She is painting using 2000 meter deep sea water, the creature's natural habitat, to make them feel at home.

2 November 2019 Blog1 - Echo and Analogy.

“Man must understand his universe in order to understand his destiny. Mystery, however, is a very necessary ingredient in our lives. Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis for man’s desire to understand. Who knows what mysteries will be solved in our lifetime, and what new riddles will become the challenge of the new generation? Science has not mastered prophesy. We predict too much for the next year yet far too little for the next ten. Responding to challenges is one of democracy’s great strengths. Our successes in space can be used in the next decade in the solution of many of our planet’s problems.” — Neil Armstrong, in a speech to a Joint Meeting of the Two Houses of Congress to Receive the Apollo 11 Astronauts (16 Sep 1969), in the Congressional Record.
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