6 November Blog2 - " . . . theres no crying in baseball!", Tom Hanks, A League of Their Own

At the beginning of the cruise, in our first orientation and safety briefing, Captain Derek outlined the ship’s rules –one of which was No Crying. We failed here, as there were many tears born of laughter and humor, and all will be going home with good memories. Thanks go to each of the ships crew and our science team. Many graduate students were drafted by their advisors to take part in this journey, but there were many others that volunteered their time. Science at sea is a team effort, and everyone helped to make this a successful cruise. We had a first for ADEON on this cruise, thanks to our onboard artist Wendy Klemperer. Last afternoon, we had an art show that lined the walls outside the galley and down to the main lab. Wendy shared her works that included portraits of both the science and ship crew, biology caught in our nets, and many of the ship and science hardware.

5 November 2019 Blog2 - Gliding into home

On the last full day of ADEON Cruise IV aboard the R/V Neil Armstrong, the science party is busy with all that can be done in preparation for demobilization the following day. Many attend to work emails as they get ready to return to their respective universities. While science operations may be secured, news of a wayward Ocean Observatories Initiative autonomous glider reached the crew and a recovery operation was launched.

4 November 2019 Blog2 - So many #epicsfails

As I’m writing this post we are officially in transit back to homeport. I think most of us have very mixed feelings about concluding this trip. On one hand, everyone is anxious to get home to see their friends and family, on the other, we’re sad to be leaving this little ship family (Familyship?). While there is a gym available in the transducer room, nothing can come close to the intensity of the abs workout I’ve gotten from laughing with these people for 12+ hours a day.

2 November 2019 Blog2 - Shrunken Cups and Beautiful Paintings.

Wendy Klemperer, Artist in Residence on the R/V Neil Armstrong ADEON Research Cruise, AR040 has been painting portraits of the crew, seascapes, and attempting some deep sea creatures, based on Chief Scientist Joe Warren’s photos. She is painting using 2000 meter deep sea water, the creature's natural habitat, to make them feel at home.

1 November 2019 Blog2 - What time is it?

Happy weekend, everyone! Unlike the typical 9-5 schedule, ships don’t have days off – to keep the ship running and to maximize on sea time, the crew and science party work 24-7. This means all on board need to adhere to a strict schedule that ensure everyone gets enough sleep and mealtimes are predictable. When ships travel through multiple time zones, it can get complicated.

29 October 2019 Blog2 - The Beauty of Storms at Sea.

My favorite views from the boat are those of storms over the ocean. The mountainous clouds making up massive thunderheads are especially beautiful. Off the coast of Florida these are especially common, and often times dark sheets of rain can be seen; from afar. The precipitation in these cloud banks looks like a painting.

28 October 2019 Blog2 - Sunset, Sunrise; Sunset, Sunrise; Swiftly flow the days .... wait a minute!

Living life as a member of the night watch has inverted many of the habits one might expect to develop while out at sea. After rolling out of bed before each shift at around 4:30 (pm), I head downstairs to eat breakfast (dinner). Depending on my mood, I have my choice of either toasting a bagel or serving myself some shrimp, steak, or mashed potatoes.
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