5 November 2019 Blog2 - Gliding into home

On the last full day of ADEON Cruise IV aboard the R/V Neil Armstrong, the science party is busy with all that can be done in preparation for demobilization the following day. Many attend to work emails as they get ready to return to their respective universities. While science operations may be secured, news of a wayward Ocean Observatories Initiative autonomous glider reached the crew and a recovery operation was launched.

5 November 2019 Blog1 - Saved the Best for Last

Our last tow on the research vessel was conducted on the 4th, around 02:00 – 06:00 in the morning. The catch was by far the most impressive we’ve seen. Our tow consisted of the myctophids, krill, shrimp, large salps, cyclothone, and sigmops that are common to see in our net tows. However, the catch held a surprise… a ~ 0.33-meter-long squid! (aka. About a foot long.)
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