4 November 2019 Blog2 - So many #epicsfails

As I’m writing this post we are officially in transit back to homeport. I think most of us have very mixed feelings about concluding this trip. On one hand, everyone is anxious to get home to see their friends and family, on the other, we’re sad to be leaving this little ship family (Familyship?). While there is a gym available in the transducer room, nothing can come close to the intensity of the abs workout I’ve gotten from laughing with these people for 12+ hours a day.

4 November 2019 Blog1 - Salp Suckers New Inductees' !

The Salp Sucker Society. Like many traditions, its origin has been lost to time. Some say it started when Neptune challenged the Roman sailors to prove their devotion to the sea in return for safe passage. The initiation consists of the imbibing of a salp. For those who are curious, a salp is a gelatinous marine organism belonging to a primitive group called tunicates. Congratulations - Aaron, Cassidy, Emmanuelle, Jacob, and Katelyn!
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