2 November 2019 Blog1 - Echo and Analogy.

“Man must understand his universe in order to understand his destiny. Mystery, however, is a very necessary ingredient in our lives. Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis for man’s desire to understand. Who knows what mysteries will be solved in our lifetime, and what new riddles will become the challenge of the new generation? Science has not mastered prophesy. We predict too much for the next year yet far too little for the next ten. Responding to challenges is one of democracy’s great strengths. Our successes in space can be used in the next decade in the solution of many of our planet’s problems.” — Neil Armstrong, in a speech to a Joint Meeting of the Two Houses of Congress to Receive the Apollo 11 Astronauts (16 Sep 1969), in the Congressional Record.

1 November 2019 Blog2 - What time is it?

Happy weekend, everyone! Unlike the typical 9-5 schedule, ships don’t have days off – to keep the ship running and to maximize on sea time, the crew and science party work 24-7. This means all on board need to adhere to a strict schedule that ensure everyone gets enough sleep and mealtimes are predictable. When ships travel through multiple time zones, it can get complicated.

1 November 2019 Blog1 - Twas a dark and stormy night. . . . and the sea was angry!

The science crew made sure to make the best of our time while we were transiting by celebrating the holiday! The dry lab was decorated with numerous hand-drawn spooky monsters and critters such as Nessie who came all the way across the Atlantic to see us and other creatures of the night.

31 October 2019 Blog1 - Approaches for turning environmental DNA (eDNA) into interpretable DNA sequence data.

Happy Halloween! I was trying to think of something witty to connect DNA and Halloween, but have come up empty-handed. Or, perhaps a discussion of DNA sequencing and dredging up memories of past genetics coursework is frightening enough by itself for some of you out there. It still scares me sometimes too...

30 October 2019 Blog1 - Cruise Thursday!

Today is the night of October 29, day 14, on the R/V Armstrong. Yesterday was also our cruise Humpday! YIPPIE! Our plan of the day is at our second to last station, JAX. We will start out doing a FSAS and then a BONGO and IKMT shallow tow. The waters are relatively calm, so I am hoping we catch something cool! (Although we have caught a lot of cool things up to this point.)

29 October 2019 Blog2 - The Beauty of Storms at Sea.

My favorite views from the boat are those of storms over the ocean. The mountainous clouds making up massive thunderheads are especially beautiful. Off the coast of Florida these are especially common, and often times dark sheets of rain can be seen; from afar. The precipitation in these cloud banks looks like a painting.

28 October 2019 Blog2 - Sunset, Sunrise; Sunset, Sunrise; Swiftly flow the days .... wait a minute!

Living life as a member of the night watch has inverted many of the habits one might expect to develop while out at sea. After rolling out of bed before each shift at around 4:30 (pm), I head downstairs to eat breakfast (dinner). Depending on my mood, I have my choice of either toasting a bagel or serving myself some shrimp, steak, or mashed potatoes.
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